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Abuse the Executable

The scene is Troy, an ancient city situated in what is now Turkey, and long the bane of the Greek army. After a fruitless 10 years of battle, the Greeks developed an ingenious plan to deviously win the war. A huge wooden horse, (the emblem of Troy) was constructed and given as a concession to the Trojans. The Greeks sailed away, and the people of Troy wheeled their trophy inside the city walls and celebrated the victory. Or so they
- Abuse the Executable

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Meet Arik Roztal, Our New Advisor

Malcolm Gladwell presents a revolutionary theory to explain mastery - to be an expert in a specific field you need to put in at least 10,000 hours of work. Arik Roztal boasts a whopping 157,680 hours of experience in the hi-tech world, and Vicarius is thrilled to welcome him to the team. To jog your memory: the advisory board is a collection of smart and savvy individuals that help the CEO make decisions and provide advice on an
- Meet Arik Roztal, Our New Advisor

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Welcoming Raffy

Splunk is a company that deals with big data analysis. Sophos provides tools that secure your network. Splunk generated just under $1 billion in revenue last year. Sophos stock has increased 145% YOY (year over year). The common denominator to both these high-tech giants? Raffael Marty, who just joined the Vicarius Advisory Board. An advisory board is an integral part of a startup's success. It consists of a group of experienced individuals who help the CEO make decisions and provide
- Welcoming Raffy

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The Vicarius Definition of Software

The most ubiquitous term in the cyber world right now is probably software. What is a software, how does it work, and why this knowledge is of crucial importance to the systems that keep our PCs safe. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines software as "programs for a computer." A program is a set of specific instructions, therefore software is essentially a set of instructions for a computer, but this is a simplistic understanding. To comprehend what's actually going on behind the
- The Vicarius Definition of Software

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