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WTF is Frida?

Written by Roi Cohen and Tomer Zayit, translated by Benjamin Baker Frida is a Dynamic Instrumentation ToolKit Preface Frida (often compared to GreaseMonkey) is a reverse engineering tool developed by two brilliant people: Havard and Ole. Over time, Frida became popular and gained a group of contributors that allow it to be flexible, lightweight, and researcher/developer friendly. Frida supports debugging on OSX, Windows, Linux, and QNX, and has an API available for a plethora of languages, including Python, C#
- WTF is Frida?

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One Step Closer to a Safer Digital World

Richmond, Virginia is home to the Appalachian Mountains, Thomas Jefferson’s iconic Charlottesville plantation, and Risk Based Security (RBS) - the biggest and baddest vulnerability detective around. More than 6,000 miles away, in the holiest city in the world is Vicarius, a burgeoning startup leading massive change in the computer security world. Vicarius recently signed a huge deal with RBS Israel is home to some of the finest startups in the world - over 5 billion dollars were invested
- One Step Closer to a Safer Digital World

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Vicarius Welcomes Amichai - No Introduction Necessary

Amichai Shulman is a name that carries enormous weight in the hi-tech world, which is why this introductory paragraph is unnecessary - except to let you know that he's joining the Vicarius Advisory board. . . . I also wrote an article, if you wanna read that too. The IDF's cybersecurity teams are revered and feared in the hi-tech world - Forbes called the training process A boot camp for the mind. (Forbes) They do a multitude of different things, and they do
- Vicarius Welcomes Amichai - No Introduction Necessary

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Abuse the Module

Approximately 360,000,000 people use Firefox every single day. 90 % of them or 324,000,000 people use Windows computers. Using a small utility called PasswordFox.exe, I can steal at least 324,000,000 passwords in all of 60 seconds. This is what happens when a hacker abuses the module - and today, we'll go behind the screen to watch what's really going on. According to Tim Johnson at the Mcclatchy Washington Bureau, The average person is registered
- Abuse the Module

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Abuse the Executable

The scene is Troy, an ancient city situated in what is now Turkey, and long the bane of the Greek army. After a fruitless 10 years of battle, the Greeks developed an ingenious plan to deviously win the war. A huge wooden horse, (the emblem of Troy) was constructed and given as a concession to the Trojans. The Greeks sailed away, and the people of Troy wheeled their trophy inside the city walls and celebrated the victory. Or so they
- Abuse the Executable

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