One Step Closer to a Safer Digital World

Richmond, Virginia is home to the Appalachian Mountains, Thomas Jefferson’s iconic Charlottesville plantation, and Risk Based Security (RBS) - the biggest and baddest vulnerability detective around. More than 6,000 miles away, in the holiest city in the world is Vicarius, a burgeoning startup leading massive change in the computer security world.

Vicarius recently signed a huge deal with RBS

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Israel is home to some of the finest startups in the world - over 5 billion dollars were invested in the industry over the course of 2017. The hi-tech market is fiercely competitive, and the stakes are high. What sets Vicarius apart?

RBS’s main calling card is VulnDB, which is considered to be "the most comprehensive vulnerability intelligence and third-party library monitoring service available." It’s essentially an extremely long list of known holes that hackers can jump down into computers. RBS offers companies access to their massive library to help prevent attacks.

Nowadays, if a piece of software you own has been maliciously exploited, your only option is to wait for the company to address the problem, and produce a fix. These corrections are usually known as Security Patches, and similar to a seamstress patching over a hole in a dress, a security patch is supposed to block the entry point hackers used to gain access to your system.

This results in multiple sleepless nights and chewed fingernails while hackers are potentially stealing all the information you hold dear - and all you can do is wait.

The Vicarius team has effectively ended the wait by pioneering a brand new approach to cyber defense -

Find the vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

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Using complex algorithms, their system scans your computer and the software installed on it for potential weak spots. By combining the data it collects with known vulnerabilities, the Vicarius system can identify issues and assign risk levels to them, allowing you to address your computer's most pressing problems.

If only there was a way for Vicarius to utilize the vast swaths of knowledge in the VulnDB alongside their advanced systems to create the ultimate digital stronghold ... enter CVE. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures list only has 80K entries (about half of RBS's 175K) - but it does create a common language everyone can use to discuss vulnerabilities. A CVE is connected to one or more CPEs (Common Platform Enumeration) which represents a version of a product.

Using CPE correlation, Vicarius can utilize the immense VulnDB to identify even more vulnerabilities and RBS benefits from access to the innovative application analysis technology from Vicarius. Herein lies the reason for the partnership - unbeatable knowledge and unbeatable tech combine to create an unbeatable system.

Vicarius is the Latin word for proxy, and that is what they intend to do - allow you to enjoy healthy nails and blissful sleep, knowing that their mighty system stands between any hacker and your computer.

Together, RBS and Vicarius patrol the cyber streets, valiantly fighting to create a safer screen world for customers everywhere.