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Your company needs multiple applications and software services to succeed.

Every month, endless new software threats are being discovered by cyber specialists and hackers, leaving your company exposed to security breaches.

Currently, your only option is to wait for vendors to release a security patch as a response.

As the number of software services you use increases, so does the risk.


Software Threats Processed

By Vicarius Topia


Protect Any Software

On Any Device

At All Times

Vicarius is here to change the paradigm.

We give you the right tools to protect your software after its installation but before it can be hacked.

Meet the new world of Application Monitoring & Protection.

Vicarius' pioneering platform protects any software without patching, code changes or vendor involvement, directly on your private network and digital assets.



Get your software visible

Detect Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do

Vicarius’ Capability Driven Security Engine analyses the binary code of any software that’s installed on your device, breaking it down into small portions of code.

Each one of these portions is then associated with numerous hacking patterns (such as Injection Techniques, Encryption, Password and User Interaction, etc.), aiming to prevent any future code abuse by hackers.

Why Vicarius?

Hassle-Free Protection

Defend software with no patching, code changes or vendor involvement


Forget about on-demand vulnerability assessment scans, get free compliance reports whenever you want

24/7 Surface Control

Understand the risk of each digital asset and software you own, measure how effective is your work over time

Outdated Software Support

Protect old operating systems and devices without the need for upgrading or downtime


The Vicarius powered platform, called Topia, enables companies to predict, prioritize and protect against software vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers.

On Premise

Windows XP and above

Ubuntu 12.04 and aboveBeta Version

Command line remote installation


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Michael Assraf
Michael has more than ten years of experience in the startup world. He has been part of six different startups, filling out several positions up to VP R&D, both on the tech and operational sides.

Michael has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BSc from the Jerusalem College of Engineering.

Michael Assraf


Yossi Ze'evi
Yossi was the first-hire of an acquired cyber security startup. He has more than six years of experience in managing R&D teams, bringing products to the market, and providing worldwide customer support.

Yossi graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BSc in Computer Science from HIT.

Yossi Ze'evi


Roi Cohen
Roi is a cyber security expert with more than ten years of offensive and defensive cyber experience. He has been the lead malware researcher for some of the world's largest security firms.

Roi has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and BSc from the Jerusalem College of Engineering.

Roi Cohen

VP Research & Sales


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